All opportunity approached with the same underlying concern -

where can money be lost

A Bifurcated View Leading to High Conviction Decisions

Airacobra Capital Management, LLC. is affiliated with Cubbage Hill Holdings LLC; its sole member.  Airacobra will not provide investment advisory services in states it is not currently registered or provided exempted relief in said states.

Macro View

  • Volatility | Direction of interest rates
  • Point in Economic | Credit Cycle
  • ​Regulatory | Legislative activity

Issuer View​

  • Catalysis: product | process |management
  • Regulatory | Competitive environment
  • Corporate actions

​​​​An established | repeatable process to:

Develop Strategy| Protect Capital| Provide Longevity| Exploit Opportunity

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​​​​Reinforcement of Conviction

Utilization of fundamental analytics | due diligence | peer comparison to develop intrinsic value

probabilities of catalysis occurrence | hedges | entrance/exits points