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Airacobra Capital Management, LLC. is affiliated with Cubbage Hill Holdings LLC; its sole member.  Airacobra will not provide investment advisory services in states it is not currently registered or provided exempted relief in said states.

Long/short portfolio of domestic corporate credit and U.S. sovereign debt providing a holistic credit strategy reflective of the economic environment within the opportunity set provided by  capital markets.  Conviction, strategy, and management developed through fundamental analytics.

Credit exposure has, remains, and is a key component to all investment programs.  Markets are more complex due to: (i) effects of quantitative easing | fiscal and monetary policy; (ii) regulatory uncertainty; (iii)  product invention | market structure; and (iv) geopolitical | social environment.

Essential to investment platforms is the management of credit exposure from a prospective gained over several economic cycles.  The current environment - driven by the unnatural suppression of interest rates - and developing  cycles - including the repricing of risk premium - highlight the need for flexibility and experience required to administer a strategic and tactical approach to generate alpha. 

The Airacobra Credit Strategies Fund L.P.