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A Opportunity Zone Fund having focus on selection, investment, and development of diversified, locally owned business and commerical real estate located in Pittsburgh, PA Opportunity Zones.  Provide follow through capital to ensure improvement and enhancement of businesses and communities.

Investment prospects include: (i) current operating businesses; (ii) creation of new business through partnership with local educational institutions and entrepreneurs across various stages of development; (iii)  commercial real estate: new and redevelopment; and (iv) JV's, project co-investing, pooled capital, and private/public partnerships.

Opportunity Zones provide patient investors, existing and new businesses, and communities a generational opportunity for wealth creation via long term tax-fee capital gains and civic development.  Individuals, entrepreneurs, communities, and businessess want growth with the ability to take ownership in their neighborhoods.  

This is one of the main reasons Airacobra moved back to Pittsburgh; the prospect to participate in and support our hometown and be affiliated with one of the only cities that continually reinvests itself through the strength and heart of its individuals.  It also reflects one of our philosophies: Long-term Growth - not only for our investment platform but of our hometown and neighbors.

The Airacobra  Opportunity Zone Fund: PGH, L.P.

Airacobra Capital Management, LLC. is affiliated with Cubbage Hill Holdings LLC; its sole member.  Airacobra will not provide investment advisory services in states it is not currently registered or provided exempted relief in said states.